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…Trent should go on a drug binge, I like him better like this..

Just sayin’ 

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2 of 3 - children  OF revolution  - like kanye west says / every superhero needs theme music  /

3 of 3 last one-children OF revolution…   me and tim were discussing the lyrics to this album on friday night. so all PEACEFUL LOVING YOUTH  enjoy the  gsphe “theme music”

see you all tomorrow in town

#militarymonday FIGHTing for Education rights for soldiers and children of wounded & fallen soldiers , as well 


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/beyond the Staples Center you can see america / with it’s tired poor avenging disgrace  /  peaceful loving youth against the brutality of plastic existence   

/  you ve just gotta IGNITE the light and LET  it  shine / just  OWN    the  night  LIKE  the 4th  of  july  //

" I have donated a large amount of money to my favorite charity, the SPPRP. (The Society for the Preservation of Petroleum Rich People.) Please give. Every time I go to the gas pump I feel good knowing that the tax write-off that the SPPRP’ers are getting  "   LARRY WELLS , of  CDC (and sci fi writer)

2010 , marzo 15 GSPHE must FLASH MOB/ dance to this song one day (this year people ! ) 2011 , marzo 15 GSPHE georgia students FOR public higher education

everyone in   #GSPHE check out    ajc  metro article on college admittance

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